Spring Break — Coming Up Fast

Several of my roommates were discussing potential spring break plans earlier this week. One of them may be heading out to Las Vegas with a few of our other fraternity brothers. Another is adamant about spending spring break with friends from his hometown — a “last hurrah” for him and his crew.  I weighed the possibility of joining either one of my roommates on their respective trips, but — though the jury is still out — I am strongly considering laying low this spring break.

By “laying low,” I mean that I may just stay in our apartment in Ithaca, pick up some extra hours at my job at Johnson, and generally recoup for the last half of my last semester at Cornell. Maybe take a day trip to NYC, but nothing too crazy. This is a far cry from the beer-drenched, road trip Spring Break extravaganzas I always imagined having in college, but to be honest, I feel like the fun I have during the school year is more then enough keep me stead over. And plus, there is the far more important (in my opinion) issue of the post-graduation trip to plan and pay for.

There is still more then a month until Spring Break, so I have a bit of a time cushion until I really have to make the big decisions. I may very well end up biting my tongue on this post and taking a trip to Cancun for a week of debauched and derelict living. I’ve had some great road trips and breaks during college, but have never exactly blown the bank on a big Spring Break trip. I like to think this is for the better, but my roommates may convince me otherwise.

One thought on “Spring Break — Coming Up Fast”

  1. I say live a little Brendan and take that trip to Cancun. Having been there on spring break I can attest to the insanity…no rest for wicked. Your only young once!

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