Members of the Bonassar group attend TERMIS conference in Boston

Members of the Bonassar Lab and collaborators are presenting 6 scientific papers at the 2015 meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society from September 8-11 in Boston, MA.  Mary Clare McCorry is delivering a talk on her work engineering the meniscus-to-bone interface.  Jorge-Mojica Santiago is presenting a poster on his work evaluating tissue engineered intervertebral discs in a canine model.  Brandon Borde is presenting a poster on his work using injectable collagen gels to deliver cells for repair of the annulus fibrosus. Ben Cohen is presenting a poster on his work using combinations of human ear chondrocytes and stem cells to make shaped ear cartilage.  Dr. Michelle Delco, a student from the Fortier group, is presenting two papers developing and characterizing equine models of joint injury to study articular cartilage repair.
Congratulations to all for their great work!