Who’s coming Spring semester 2018

Spring 2018

please note: speakers and topics subject to change.

Jan 24th NO SESSION!  
Jan 31st Julia Thom-Levy – Associate Professor of Physics & Dale R. Corson House Professor, Hans Bethe House   Introduction to Bethe Ansatz
Feb 7th canceled due to weather
Feb 14th  David Pizarro, Associate Professor of Psychology  “How do I know I can trust you?”- Moral Character and the Psychology of Trustworthiness
Feb 21 Maureen Hanson, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, and Bethe House Fellow The controversy about genetically modified food
Feb 28th   Zach Clopton, Bethe House Fellow and Assistant Professor of Law at Cornell Law School The Politics of Law
March 7th  Ben Weiss, Cornell ’11, Strategist at SocialCode

Aoise Stratford, Playwright and Director

 Pathways since Cornell
March 14th Alex Hayes, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Cornell Searching for life in the Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System
March 21 Rhodessa Jones, The Cornell Rhodes Professor 2018, Actress, Singer, Director, and Writer “Creative Survival”, a Workshop
March 28th  Anna Haskins, Assistant Professor, Department of
Sociology, Cornell
 On Inequality
April 4th  Spring Break 
April 11th  Daniel Gallagher, Ralph and Jeanne Kanders Associate Professor of the Practice in Latin Working for the Pope
April 18th Steve Strogatz-Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics & Bethe House Fellow- Infinitesimals: How Calculus changed the World
April 25  TBD TBD
 May 2nd  Catherine Appert, Assistant Professor, Department of Music

ResKp, Artist, Musician, Writer

Music of Wakanda