Spring semester 2017

Spring 2016

please note: speakers and topics subject to change.

January 25 Julia Thom-Levy – Associate Professor of Physics & Dale R. Corson House Professor, Hans Bethe House   Who was Hans Bethe, and what is an Ansatz?
February 1 Jesse Goldberg – M.D., Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior & Bethe House Fellow   Brain circuits for learning in songbirds and humans
February 8th Bob Frank, H. J. Professor of Economics
Johnson Graduate School of Management
 Success and Luck
February 15th Verity Plath, Associate Professor of Classics and History of Art & Hans Bethe House Fellow The Statue of Liberty and Tyrants Ancient and Modern
February 22nd

note special place: Bethe Common Room

Kevin Morris ’85 – Entertainment Lawyer, Producer, Writer A reading of “All Joe Knight”
March 1st Lukasz Pawlowski, Journalist  US politics from the European Perspective
March 8th Elisa Miller-Out, CEO, Tech Entrepreneur, Community Builder Corporate Social Responsibility
March 15 Maria Cristina Garcia –
Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies & Bethe House House Fellow , Cornell
Climate refugees
March 22 Special Guest- Hillary Johnson, Journalist and author “The Art of the Interview”- 30 years of interviews for Rolling Stone, Time, Life, Vogue, and more
March 29 Steve Pond,  Associate Professor and Chair, Musicology, Cornell. Hans Bethe Faculty Fellow A Guided Tour of a Jazz Album: Herbie Hancock
April 5th Spring Break- no Ansatz
April 12 Ron Harris-Warrick, William T. Keeton Professor
of Biological Sciences, Cornell
Just Say Know: effects of psychoactive drugs on the brain
April 19 sTem- Silvie Cheng (piano), Eric Umble (clarinet), Meagan Brus (soprano)-  Music & Cultural Dialogue with sTem
April 26 Joe Halpern,

Professor of Computer Science, Cornell

On Causality
 May 3  Jed Sparks, Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell  Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions