Spring 2013

January 30 Steve Pond Hearing Jazz: Herbie Hancock’s ‘Gershwin’s World’ and ‘River: The Joni Letters’
February 6 Katherine Bygrave Howe Gambling,Procrastination, and Wine: How one mild-mannered graduate student failed herway into becoming a bestselling novelist
February 13 Ann Markusen Why are artists, film-makers, and designers silent on religion?
February 20
February 27 Andrew Chignell Help! My friend has become a vegan activist. Understanding the arguments for and against the use of animal products.
March 6 Mark Bittman, Brian Wansink Conscious and Mindless Eating
March 13 M. Mehta
March 20
March 27 Shri Kulkarni (ADW Prof at large) something to do with astronomy
April 3 Nancy Trautmann Who are Big Red and Ezra, and why did people all over the world become addicted to watching their every move last spring?
April 10 Jason (maybe with Alicia) Moran
April 17 Vincent Herring
April 23 John Ambler Vice President Strategy at Oxfam America
May 1 John Haines-Eitzen & Ariana Kim

Fall 2012

August 29 Tad Brennan How the (ancient) Greeks changed politics forever
September 5 Satya P. Mohanty Jazz Spaces Ithaca
September 12 NO ANSATZ
September 19 Charlie Trautmann Starting up Your Own Non-Profit Organization
September 26 Renée Petrofes Connecting with Cornell Alums
October 3 Paul Merrill
October 10 Ritchie Patterson Discovery of the Higgs Boson
October 17 Glenn Altschuler Election!
October 24 Eswar Prasad Is the Euro Doomed?
October 31 Mike Kaplitt
November 7 Steve Strogatz
November 14
November 21
November 28