AS 1200

Bethe Ansatz: Building a Life Worth Living


You can take Bethe Ansatz for credit by registering for AS 1200

Fall, spring. 1 credit. S-U grades only. Course may be taken more than once.

J. Thom-Levy

On a weekly basis, Bethe Ansatz brings together students, Cornell faculty, and other distinguished guests for informal, substantive engagement around a wide range of issues and endeavors: intellectual, cultural, artistic, scientific, moral, social, and political. Weekly seminar meetings, chaired by the instructor, will feature a guest who is typically a member of the Cornell faculty, a visiting professor, or other visiting scientist, scholar, artist, or public figure. The conversational format, which encourages discussion and interaction, allows students to discover for themselves the intrinsic interest and reward of a life characterized by broad, vital intellectual curiosity and engagement.

Course requirements

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