Bethe Ansatz

Hans Bethe House’s weekly after-dinner conversation hour. House Professor Julia Thom-Levy hosts a special guest each Wednesday evening at 7:30. The format is informal, and the topics are as varied and stimulating as the extraordinary lives and minds of those who come to chat with students about the things they care most about.

Building a life worth living

Bethe Ansatz is dedicated to the idea that substantive, informal engagement with Cornell faculty and distinguished visitors to campus can be mind opening, horizon broadening, and character deepening.

For credit

Get one credit by registering for AS 1200 and attending Bethe Ansatz regularly . . . as if having your mind opened, your horizons broadened, and your character deepened isn’t reward enough!

Or not

You don’t have to register to attend. Come every week, or whenever you can! Bethe Ansatz is open to everyone.