Happy holidays!

Thanks for participating in Bethe Ansatz this fall. Have a great winter break and join us again for the spring semester, beginning January 22, 2014.

Enroll in PHIL 1900 for Spring 2014

PHIL 1900 is offered every semester and can be taken for credit more than once. I’d be glad to welcome you back next semester if you took the course for credit in Fall 2013.

And you don’t need to be enrolled in PHIL 1900 to attend the Wednesday talks — come any time. We start again on January 22, 2014.

Course evaluation for fall 2013

If you were enrolled in PHIL 1900 this fall or if you weren’t enrolled but attended a fair number of the Wednesday evening meetings of Bethe Ansatz, I’d like to have your feedback. There’s an evaluation form here:

PHIL 1900 course evaluation

(If you got an email about the course evaluation and responded to the link in the email, you’ve done your duty already.)