Albie Sachs – special time and place

We are honored to have as our first Ansatz guest for fall 2013 Albie Sachs, A. D. White Professor at Large.

Albie Sachs is a distinguished lawyer, judge, activist, scholar and author. He is a renowned former South African Constitutional Court Justice and anti-apartheid activist. In the 1990’s he took part in the negotiations that made South Africa a constitutional democracy and he was appointed by Nelson Mandela to serve in the Constitutional Court. Through his time as judge, he earned the reputation as the conscience of the Court.

Albie Sachs will talk about – “Nelson Mandela: Memories of working with him over half a century”

Join us Wednesday, September 4, 5:00-6:00pm in the Common Room of Hans Bethe House (235 HBH). Refreshments will be served.

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Bethe Ansatz meets every Wednesday night at 7:15 during the fall semester, beginning September 4 (with a special 5:00pm meeting time), in 125 Hans Bethe House on West Campus. Everybody’s welcome.

Inaugural meeting for Fall 2013 – Albie Sachs

Our first meeting for the fall semester is at a special time: 5:00-6:00pm on September 4; and in a special place: the Bethe House Common Room (235 HBH). Refreshments will be served.

Special guest

Albie Sachs, A.D. White Professor at Large; South African Constitutional Court Justice


Nelson Mandela: Memories of working with him over half a century

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