New York City – Again?

Alright, I know you are all probably sick of me always just recounting trips to New York City. Five of us from Psi U along with three pledges drove down to Princeton, NJ to watch another fraternity brother of ours, Dave, swim in the EISL Championship meet. Dave is a senior who I lived with for a semester and one of my good friends in the house. He has been steadily progressing each year while collecting many accolades and this year truly was his last hurrah. He had been training especially hard to attempt a shot at making the NCAA meet (top 25 swimmers in each event, country wide.)

John picked me up from class at 3:30 on Friday and we started driving. Unfortunately we arrived thirty minutes after Dave broke the league record and set a personal best in the 100 yd breast stroke, essentially securing himself a bid to the NCAA meet. So we were incredibly excited for him and spent some time congratulating him and his family. Later on we watched him swim in a 400 yd medley relay (I think?) which Cornell also won. The swim team was eating at the local Macaroni Grill so we joined them, if you count sitting at a separate table, not allowed to talk to them, “joining them.” The highlight of dinner came after I returned from the bathroom to find that it was my “birthday.” The birthday boy has to stand on his chair, swing his napkin around over his head like a helicopter while a waitress sings authentic Italian music which sounds like opera.

We hopped in the car afterwards and drove to the city from Princeton. Met up with quite a few Cornell, Psi U alums and went out and about in Manhattan with them. It was a really fun night and great to see everyone. My buddy John provided great entertainment with his Nelly Furtado renditions.

Drove back to Princeton on Saturday to catch the second half of the swim meet. Dave won the 200 yd breast stroke, which he was actually not the clear favorite to win. Although Cornell was undefeated in dual meets this season they only placed 5th at the EISL meet overall. The way it was explained to me is that Cornell is a talented team but not a deep team.

I don’t want to use this as a medium to talk bad about other schools, but I have to throw this out there – I do not think Princeton is a fun place. Maybe we were just there on an “off” night or maybe we didn’t know enough people to show us the places where people hang out. We figured we would hang out for the night at Princeton and possibly take Dave and Colin (a pledge on the swim team) out for a bit. We rented a hotel room at the swim team’s hotel and then went downtown to see what was up. Not only were people walking around with backpacks on at 11 pm, they also told us that “No one has fun at Princeton.” Just had to get that off my chest. So, we canceled the hotel room (don’t ask) and drove back to the city. By the time we rolled in at 1 am it was just too late to do anything so we went to sleep.

Sunday saw us drive down to Morris Plains, NJ for brunch with our buddy Dan’s family. Another recent alum, Rick, was in the area and stopped by as well. Eggs Benedict is delicious…