Montreal (Syracuse)

So, the guys I live with have been joking around all semester about at the drop of a hat packing up and driving to Montreal for a night. Once Friday rolls around we usually start in with the challenges to each other of, “You won’t drive to Montreal…” About a month ago Nick and Jason decided to try driving but upon second thought went to Pennsylvania to buy fireworks instead. Said fireworks have caused plenty of trouble, but that is neither here nor there…

Last Friday we decided to finally do it – drive to Montreal. We left at 6 pm which we figured would put us in Montreal around 10. However, the snow was unbelievably bad, freezing rain actually. Jason was driving Nick and I in his huge SUV but he was still too scared to go on. We had made it to Syracuse so we decided to spend the night there, hanging out with people at SU. We went out to eat at Dinosaur BBQ (, a pretty famous upstate New York joint. The wait was around an hour (which is actually not bad for there) and the pulled pork was to die for.

We checked into the Sheraton which is right on the main strip where SU students typically hang out. We went out on the town for awhile, spent a lot of $ and hung out with a few of our friends in our hotel room. All in all, it was a fun night and a good change of pace from the typical weekend night at Cornell. I highly recommend all types of road trips even if they are only mini-road trips.