Rush & Pledging

O.k. so my life has been a bit crazy lately. Rush week was amazing – we got almost every single guy that we gave bids to (which is impressive) and the class of 20 is one of the strongest I have ever seen. I am very excited about this upcoming semester and seeing what type of brothers they evolve into. We have 7 varsity athletes, including 3 swimmers, 3 heavyweight rowers and 1 squash player.

The spring semester socially at Cornell is much different than the fall semester if you are involved in Greek life. There are few “open” parties at fraternities and more “mixers.” A mixer is when one sorority has a party with another fraternity. Typically these events are attended by the younger members of the sororities (since each sorority’s class is ~60 girls) but a successful mixer will even bring out the apathetic, CollegeTown dwelling senior girls. To make up for the difference in numbers, most members of the fraternity attend mixers. Mixers are a ton of fun and give the pledges of the house a chance to get to know each other in a social setting and interact with a lot of girls at the same time.

Other than mixers, pledging is going quite well. The guys are really getting to know each other, become good friends, and all in all they are meshing quite well. Unless you have pledged a fraternity it is hard to understand the bonds that form, but I can honestly say the guys I pledged with will be my best friends for my entire life.

My pledge class, throwback