Frozen Tundra

So, you know it’s cold in Ithaca when your whole body gets so chapped and dried out that you need to apply liberal amounts of PURE VASELINE to your body twice a day just to keep your skin from cracking. I know that is probably a description and visual you all enjoyed but I just can’t believe how cold it is here and it has me disgruntled.

I have written before that Ithaca is hit or miss weather-wise. My freshman year, it snowed in like October and never stopped. Sophomore year, no snow all the way through first semester (December) and only limited amounts when we came back at the end of January. Junior year, somewhere in the middle. This year, as many people know, through December many areas of the country were reporting record high temperatures. Ithaca was no different – even in early January it was hitting freakishly high temperatures (think: 60 degrees.) But guess what? That didn’t last. When I got back in late January, not only was there plenty of snow on the ground but it was hovering around 10-15 degrees. If you are familiar with Ithaca, you know that it can get pretty windy here as well. The combination can drop temperatures, with the wind chill, to far below zero.

Sorry for all this negativity about the weather – for what it is worth, the weather is the only complaint I ever really do hear Cornellians make. If you are from the Northeast, however, Ithaca is not much different than what you are used to. If you are from California or something along those lines, it will take a bit of acclimation.

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