First Week of Classes

No one truly likes the first week of classes. Alright, well maybe some people do, but not anyone I know. Especially if you have just come off the fun that encompasses rush week. I guess there are some positive aspects – namely, classes are just getting started so there is no real work yet and people tend to socialize quite a bit before they get hampered down. However, waking up for that early (yes, early) 9:05 class is never fun. Especially when the frostbite you get from the walk to class inhibits your note taking ability (O.k. no more weather jokes, it’s my fault anyways for not wearing my mittens like my Mom has always told me.)

My classes this semester should be interesting. I am taking:

• HADM 429 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

• AEM 460 Security Trading and Market Making

• GOVT 318 United States Congress

• NAVSCI 402 Leadership and Ethics

This is only 13 credits, which is one credit over the minimum required to be a full time student. I really only need about 5 credits to graduate so I suppose I could’ve pushed myself extra hard last semester and graduated early, but what fun would that have been? The US Congress class is a history requirement for ROTC and the NAVSCI class is required for ROTC as well. The two finance classes are upper level, quite challenging classes.

I still need to take a second physical education course in order to graduate… so, I guess I should get on the ball with that one. Any suggestions? Should I do: rock climbing at out Lindseth climbing wall (shameless plug: largest natural rock indoor climbing wall in North America) Alaskan dog sledding, whitewater rafting in the spring, Swedish massage, swing dancing… The possibilities are endless.