Your questions, answered

Hey I got accepted ED as well and into the AG school for Atmospheric Science and I wonder how many people are in that major because right now I only know two other guys. Also have you seen The Buds *Ultimate Frisbee* play or know anyone on the team? I’m really interested in joining the team. -JR

So, I did not know the answer to either of these questions, but I got to the bottom of your queries:

From Professor Theresa Jordan, Chair of the Department:

“There are 63 Cornell undergraduates currently enrolled in the atmospheric sciences major.

You might want to consider including some additional students. This is because the major “atmospheric sciences” is only available in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. There are additional students, from Arts & Sciences and from Engineering, who are pursuing a similar educational program but as a specialization within the Science of Earth Systems (A&S) or Geological Sciences (Engr) majors.”

And your question about Ultimate Frisbee:

“The Buds are Cornell’s premiere ultimate frisbee team. We practice almost
every weekday and travel to about 5 tournaments per semester on the
weekends. Every year we are a top competitor in the Metro East region,
and we strive to make it to college nationals every year. The Buds are
one of the oldest teams in the country, and we have had considerable
success at Nationals. There are about 25 players on the roster, and many
of them joined the team with substantial ultimate experience.

In addition to the Buds, the Cornell Ultimate frisbee program has another
team called the Shake. The Shake serves two purposes: to provide
experience to new players and to provide a fun environment to play
ultimate without the commitment and rigor of the Buds. The Shake have
around 30 players, the practice a few times a week and go to around 3-4
tournaments per semester.

If you have any questions, please contact the Buds captains at


Rami Husseini
Buds President”

I hope that answers all of your questions, feel free to contact me with anything else.