Funny Stuff

It amazes me to this day how some people end up at this blog…
“Dear Ben-
I happened to come upon your blog when I was surfing the Cornell website. I went to Cornell with your mom and dad from the class of 1982. My husband and I (also a Cornellian and Aggie) haven’t seen you and your family for years since we came to visit to your house in Situate (sp?). My son transferred to Cornell last semester and is a soph in the Ag school (IARD major). My other son goes to SUNY Cortland, lives in Ithaca in Commons and will be transferring to Cornell in the fall. We all plan to be at our 25th reunion in June. I lost touch with Linda and Mark. Can you forward them my email address please? I see that you are a senior now and doing well- WOW- good for you.
Thanks alot!
Best Regards,
Julie xxxxxx (and a member of the “pancake house family” who worked for your fun mom and dad when they were at Cornell- boy do I have stories to tell!!!).”
The pancake house is a place that used to occupy what is now the Noyes Language Lab. It was, quite literally, a pancake house in the fashion of IHOP (from what I gather.) Unfortunately for many current students, it has ceased to exist.

Enjoyed reading your blog about your life and activities.

Glad to hear you are doing well and i’m sure you will do well in the marine corps.As you probably know you come from something of a military background. Your grandfather Ed (my brother) served with and saw action with the 13th Armored division in France and Germany during WWII. He was a corporal T5 at one time.Your great grandfather Raymond served with the US Field Artillery in Fort Jackson 1918 but never made it to France as the war ended. My brother Michael served with the 7th Infantry Korea during that war.I served with the 86th Infantry Div. in WWII in France,Germany and the Philippines as a buck sergeant,squad leader of a 60mm mortar squad. I was woumded(purple heart-bullet wound in the shoulder,near Cologne Germany in the Ruhr Valley).you may know all this but i thought i’d renew it for you. regards and best to you ,great uncle,Ray
This is interesting since I don’t typically consider myself as having a military background. But, this email was quite impressive and filled me in on a lot of things that I did not know about.
I also ran into a Cornell alum from Psi U this past weekend, class of 1979. He told me that he has read my blog a few times as well. That has been the coolest part of writing this blog – running into all of these people who actually read it.