He’s Back

It only took three straight nights out with my boys from home to put me back in better spirits. The first night out was here in Scituate doing what we later called, “barhopping.” This is funny since we only went to the two restaurants (which have bars) that people our age typically hang out at. Ended the night at TKO Malley’s, an Irish sports themed restaurant that I think I have written about before.

The next night we actually went back down to Providence, even though it seemed cursed after New Years. We watched Providence College pull off a nice basketball win on TV and then played a corners tournament, which is a fun game we like to play at home. Ended the night at a place called Brad’s, in downtown Providence.

Two nights ago was far and away the best night of the break and possibly one of the better nights I have had at home since I went away to college. All of my friends were out – Jeff, Matt, Joe, Matty, Derek, Chris, Bob, Eric along with some girls we hung out with in high school. We went to a place called Main St. Bar and Grill in Weymouth (http://www.1400mainstreet.com/). Night started with me ordering wings, “Stampede style,” which the menu informed me that the management took no responsibility for. I guess I thought I was being tough. Turns out, I wasn’t so tough. I started sweating after the first bite and in the interest of: my taste buds, my stomach, and sweat stains on my shirt I decided to bow out after the second wing. Trust me, it was embarrassing but these things were freakin’ hot.

The night got taken up a notch when the cover band Ginourmous took the stage. I asked the lead singer, who donned a “Got Tequila?” t-shirt, what type of stuff they covered. He told me, “You know, classic rock, rock, AC/DC… Bare Naked Ladies.” I could barely hold back my laughter, talk about non-sequitur bands. He then proceeded to blow the roof off Main St. with a stunning arsenal of contemporary rock classics ranging from Three Doors Down to Sublime. The perm hairstyled lead singer stopped between each song to let the crowd know, “how good he was feeling tonight” while sipping on something that resembled Hi-C fruit punch. He actually let me grab the mic between sets to announce Bob’s bachelor eligibility status and also make a certain joke involving the band’s name. We danced the night away until they kicked us all out at 1 a.m. and we left in quite high spirits.

Watched both football games yesterday. Hated that the Colts won, but loved that the Cowboys lost and Romo lost the game for them. I am getting pretty excited for this Patriots game in t-minus two hours…