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January 2, 2007

At least it is a New Year…

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My buddies and I were sitting around on New Year’s Day when Jeff announced that he had lost his keys. The problem was that Jeff had driven us all down to Providence, where he goes to school and where we had spent the night celebrating. This led to a discussion about how New Year’s Eve is always so over-hyped and usually ends with drama, trouble, or something else unforeseen. Going all the way back to our junior year of high school, when I threw a party while my parents were away that, without going into too much detail, did not end well… Our New Year’s Eves have always been oddly cursed. We mulled over this theory for quite some time (Jeff’s keys weren’t turning up) and Jeff’s roommates from Providence agreed that their New Year’s Eve celebrations had been somewhat similar in their disappointing nature.

Let me for a minute describe exactly what we did. Our BC High contingent drove down to Providence College where Jeff’s eight roommates, along with some of their friends from home, would all be staying. There was a $40 cover, all you can drink, open bar – which are always deadly. For some reason, Jeff’s younger brother Brad was also with us and did not have a great night to say the least. It basically ended up putting a huge damper on all of our respective nights.

Along those same lines, I have been having a pretty rough break on numerous levels. To start with, I was really sick for three days (leading up to New Year’s Eve) and I still haven’t fully recovered. So, I’m not in super high spirits now and am not exactly ringing in 2007 with optimistic joy. I guess we shall see what is in the cards for me…


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