Thanks for the comments.

“To echo Rose’s comment — In my mind, the absolute coolest thing about blogs isn’t getting users to subscribe to the blog and read/analyze everything you write (I think there are a few of us), but the hits you get from users who find your blog through popular search engines. For example, your blog post on CUIDC is the third result in Google for “CUIDC”. If someone’s looking up information on that program, it’s very likely that they’d read what you had to said. Your blog is the first result for “Cornell CUIDC”.

That said, there are still definitely a few people who actually subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed.”

Hey, I just want to thank everyone who has been commenting lately on my blog. It is very peculiar to me that although I know I had quite a few hits throughout the semester, I got hardly any comments. Maybe this is directly correlated to the fact that Cornell students are now done for the semester and sitting at home bored with nothing to do but surf the net and run into my blog… Well, that’s my theory.

With that said, it is sort of cool the way people can run into my blog. Rose, who commented earlier, is a family friend and I haven’t seen her in years. Google is a great resource (by the way did anyone see that project they’re doing with NASA? They never cease to amaze me) and it is pretty cool that simple searches like “Scituate,” “CUIDC,” etc. bring users to my blog.

It has really been an interesting semester – I have done a lot of fun things, I have learned a lot about blogging, and hopefully I entertained a couple of people or better yet made a few people smile.

Ithaca is still a ghost town. My landlord decided the other day to rip out my sink, toilet, and mounted medicine cabinet/mirror without informing me. Oh, the front door lock is also broken so you can imagine how I was a bit perturbed when I got back from work at 11 pm to find all of this… Everything is fine though, I had some words with my landlord, and he generally seems apologetic. If you do come to Cornell and choose to live in Collegetown, all I can say is watch out. Talk to the previous tenants and find out what type of landlord you are signing a lease with. Cornell also provides some resources to help students with this, which are pretty helpful.

Going out tonight with a couple of guys from Psi U. who for some reason are still around. Let’s hope we are not the only three people in Collegetown (I fear this might be the case.)

Let’s hope this isn’t the scene tonight…