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December 19, 2006

Dunkin’ Donuts, continued.

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“Wait, there is a Dunkin Donuts in Collegetown now?”

Sadly, no. Not right in Collegetown. But right down the hill on that road that runs parallel to Route 13. It used to be an old Kentucky Fried Chicken and is right next door to… a Collegetown bagels. Now, I know many people are anti large corporations but I am pro anything that steals market share from CTB. Collegetown Bagels is a local hotspot in Collegetown (where many upperclassmen, including myself, live) and they have locations all over Ithaca. What you can expect when you go in there is an ultra long line, not particularly friendly service, outrageous prices, and hit or miss food.

There is a Starbucks coming to Collegetown, however. There is also a Starbucks downtown in Ithaca that opened about a year ago. Now, herein lies a conflict of interest, I am definitely not pro Starbucks. But, I think I might side with them and be happy about how decimated sales will be at CTB when they move in…

Just my $.02, I know a lot of people love CTB, so I am not trying to upset anyone…

I love Dunkies though, maybe that is just from growing up in the Dunkin’ Donuts capital of the world, Boston. My buddy Nick has something like 50 Dunkin Donuts within a square mile of his house – and he lives in the suberbs on the fringe of the city. Anyone from Boston can attest to the absurd amount of Dunkin Donuts.

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