Finals Week, eh

Not much new to report here – just been plugging away with finals… I took my derivatives final two days ago, which was one I had been quite worried about. Surprisingly, I really think I nailed it, but I guess we shall see when grades come back. Cornell is pretty punctual will getting us our final grades. I usually know everything before Christmas. Most years, classes without finals (like my AEM 200 class) post the final grades before we even leave, so I already know a couple of my final course grades, which is nice.

Us bloggers got together the other night at a Cornellian favorite restaurant, The Nines. They are known for their deep dish pizza and corn nuggets (little deep fried balls of corn and cheez wiz.) We sat down with our boss and our boss’s boss (big wigs!) and sort of debriefed our first semester and bona fide bloggers. It was nice to get together with everyone and see what their plans were for break, etc.

Other than that, life is quite boring here in Ithaca during finals week. I pretty much just work at CIVR all day long, study at night and take a test every few days. Sounds great, right? Its actually not to bad and I think I might take a break to go see blood diamond tonight. If you’ve seen it and have any opinion on the movie, leave me a comment.

UPDATE: I just got a request to elaborate on my use of the phrase “bona fide bloggers.” Essentially, I was just referring to the fact that us “Official Cornell Bloggers” have come a long way since we began, in my humble opinion. I still do not consider myself a stellar blogger, but I have come to recognize through trial and error the things that work and things that do not – such as trying to write shorter entries, include pictures, and not drone on in a step-by-step journalistic fashion. I have tried to incorporate these changes into my blog and please bear with me, I am still learning! Also, we all will be blogging over the winter break and next semester so I guess for better or worse, you’re stuck with us…