What season is it? Oh yeah, formal season!

I think I heard it best described yesterday by a friend of Ange’s that, “In high school, we have proms and dances; in college we call them formals.” I went to a few formals this past weekend at a couple of different places. On Friday night, a bunch of the guys I live with got dressed up and went to their house’s formal. I thought it would be funny if I went along sans date and just hung out for a bit. We even all dressed up the same – ties and dress shirts under sweaters of varying levels of absurdity. My buddy Jason had on a sweater vest that he literally needed assistance in removing, it was that tight. So we headed over to their house; I hung out for a little while and had some egg nog. They actually had some pretty impressive ice sculptures with their Greek letters carved into them.

The next night (this past Saturday) was my formal. Prior to the formal a huge group of brothers and their dates went out to Ange’s favorite restaurant, Maxie’s Supper Club. We also have a secret Santa at Psi U and this year I picked a buddy of mine who actually had me last year. Again, there is a $25 limit, so I went over to the mall and got him a cool lazer tag game from Radio Shack. I don’t know if he liked it all that much, but oh well. My “little brother” in the house, Deez, got me a Mr. Beer home brewing kit. It seems like it will be fun so I am excited to give it a shot sometime this week. A brother is usually assigned to be “Santa” and hands out the presents once everyone has arrived. Each brother also gets a present for his date. The formal was a lot of fun – Psi U formals always are. We had a ton of funny decorations including an 8 ft. tall inflatable snow globe that contained an entire snowman family and shot snow from a spout in the ceiling. Don’t ask me what will happen to it until next year, but it did gather quite a few laughs. For the first time ever, we also had an ice luge. It really was one of the better formals I have been to, which was nice as it is my last Christmas formal.


Sunday night was Ange’s sorority’s formal. It took place at Lakewatch, which is essentially a function hall that exists for fraternities and sororities to throw events at (as far as I can tell.) I imagine people hold other type of receptions there, but there are tons of crush parties and formals there throughout the year. It is a nice place, sort of like an old converted barn, so the ceiling is rustic and wooden and they usually garnish it with lights and other decorations. Prior to the formal we had a mini Christmas party with the girls Ange lives with and all of their dates. Luckily, two of her roommates brought Psi U guys and one roommate brought a guy I live with at Cook St. The formal was catered and there was a DJ for plenty of dancing afterwards. All in all, another successful, drama free formal.