I’m famous… well, sort of

Yesterday, I am sitting in Day Hall at work and my boss Taiya walks in with a proposition, “Hey Ben, do you want to be on live, national television? You can just take a quick break from working and you will even still get paid.” Who couldn’t turn down such an offer?

The segment was on Fox News and it was about the Cornell webcam. The webcam can be accessed here: http://www.cornell.edu/visiting/ithaca/live_views.cfm . Essentially, Cornell installed a high powered webcam (to replace the old webcam) that allows users to focus in on people walking by the cam, which is located on Ho Plaza – one of the highest foot trafficked areas of campus. They call it the “Hi Mom!” feature, and while I don’t know anyone who has actually called their parents and told them to watch them walk by on their way to class, apparently some people are doing it since the site gets 60,000 hits a month (making it, I think, one of the top-10 most visited webcams on the net.) There is another good story about it here: http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/1204/p20s01-legn.html

So, what I did was make a sign that actually said, “HEY ANGE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and I held it up while Martha, the Fox News anchor, interviewed another tour guide – Drew. It was a short segment about what I mentioned before, parents getting a chance to connect with their kids via the webcam, but it was pretty funny since I told Ange to tune in and to expect a surprise. She was definitely surprised and got a kick out of my sign and the fact that I was on TV.

In other news – I had my first final and got totally killed. Like, totally killed. It was one of those feelings when you walk out of a test where you feel almost physically weak. Like getting punched in the stomach. I really did study too, I guess not nearly hard enough though. I can only hope that the mean will be so incredibly low that the curve will allow me to get a passing grade. Wish me luck…