I’m a flake, in more ways than one…

Whew, what a fun filled, yet hectic past week it has been. Sorry for going a bit MIA there, I have just been totally under the gun with a few things. To start with, last week I took part in “flaking” at CIVR (tour guiding.) Now, this is the first year I have flaked and for good reason. Flaking is like a secret Santa that extends over five days and is set at a $25 limit. I am not a very creative person so I have always been a bit intimidated by flaking, but this year I figured, why not? I was assigned a guy on staff I didn’t even know, but I made the best of it. My gifts were in order:

  • Day one – ping pong balls, dice, chocolates
  • Day two – back scratcher, wrist-grip exercise thing-a-ma-bob, chocolates
  • Day three – lazer pointer, Cornell rally beads, chocolates
  • Day four – a huge pack of multicolored sharpies, chocolates
  • Final gift at the CIVR annual holiday party – Rocky I-III boxed set

Now, the other thing is that I had my girlfriend write his name on all the packages in a really girly manner. I also put some of them in fake Burberry gift bags. I ended up spending a tad over $30, but I think it was worth it. I really threw him for a loop and when it came time to guess who our flakes were, he had no idea.

I got some great stuff from my flake – Christmas lights (which I hung up to the dismay of my roommates at Cook St.), candy, a cake, a gift certificate to CollegeTown Bagels, and a hot cocoa mug, mix, and marshmallows. In hindsight, I am definitely satisfied and happy that I participated in flaking this year.


December 20th, mark your calendars…