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August 30, 2006

First Week of Classes

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So… I am sitting here at my “office hours” for my TAing position in Finance and pretty bored so I thought I’d write a quick entry. The office hours are quite bland this first week since not many students need serious help or tutoring yet. Operative word – yet. Finance is a pretty difficult class for most AEM students and definitely was the most challenging class I had taken at that point within the AEM major. To give you a general idea – there is a 400 page course packet that each student is reponsible for intricately understanding, a 600 some odd page textbook which test questions are drawn from (so it is imperative to know that as well), a two hour long section each week which goes over new types of problems (so section is quite important to attend), and then in case you needed more study materials there is an optional review manual with additional problems. However, with all that said, it is still a quite manageable class as long as you stay on top of the workload. I tend to find that this is the case with most Cornell classes…

But, there are some exceptions. Like my derivatives and risk management class. Although the first lecture today was quite easy to follow along in, I am not going to lie – I am a bit scared. There is quite a few grad students who are just begining to study financial engineering so that is always a bit disconcerting. I mean, I have taken classes in the Johnson Graduate School of Management, and I am sure the class will end up being not that bad but the first week jitters always do seem to set in.

Other than classes, not much to report about the week. As always, my Tuesday was pretty rough, and not at all aided by a Finance TA meeting from 8:15-9:45 PM. I was pretty burned out when I got back to Cook St. which was unfortunate since the guys I live with were all hanging out and planning on going out that night. I got back to Cook St. after my meeting, plopped down in one of our broken La-z-boys and focused in on what was on TV. House of Wax. If you havent seen this movie, don’t. All I can say is that I will never stick any of my extremities through an air vent since there is always the possibility that someone will have wire cutters waiting on the other side…

Today was Wednesday, which means I wore my uniform to classes all day (each branch of ROTC wears their uniforms on different days). It was cool wearing the new digital pattern cammies (see the photo section) but I would’ve traded them for a pair of shorts. The weirdest thing about the weather up here right now is that it is overcast almost every single day but muggier than anywhere I have ever been so everyone still sweats just walking up and down the hills to class. Oh, Ithaca…

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