Out of our element

On Friday night all the guys I live with on Cook St. were hanging out and we were discussing the fact that we were already starting to get a little bored with the social scene in Collegetown and on our street. So, we made the decision to trek into the virtual unknown and explore the social scene in downtown Ithaca… Now, downtown Ithaca is not a place Cornell students venture to often other than to go shopping, etc. This is because downtown Ithaca is where Ithaca College students primarily reside and socialize and although there is no rivalry or hostility between the two schools for whatever reason we rarely interact. They typically spend their evenings at the establishments on the “commons” and we spend our time in Collegetown. So we sought to break down that barrier and spend a night down on the commons. No one in the house wanted to spend money on a cab ride so we walked all the way down the treacherous Buffalo St. (this is quite a walk if you are familiar with Cornell). What we didn’t realize before getting all the way down to the commons was that Ithaca College was not yet in session and it was completely empty. Woops. With little time left to salvage in the night, we again decided that we did not want to pay for a cab and foolishly started to walk UP Buffalo St. Three of us started, and only two finished the walk in less than twenty minutes. An unnamed roommate of mine was seen finally limping back to Cook St. some thirty minutes later literally drenched from head to foot in sweat. Due to the failure of our idea, it might be a long time before we again march down Buffalo St. but I do recommend it to others – the commons can be a pretty fun place.

In other news, Friday was my second day of classes. Now, I usually try to schedule my classes so that I don’t have any on Fridays, but this year I wasn’t able to get that lucky. I had my section (a section meets in addition to your lecture each week and serves to break down the class into smaller discussion groups in order to review the material presented that week in lecture) for Contemporary Controversies in the Global Economy and since it is primarily a writing class we actually spent some time free-writing about whether the government should allow a market for new born babies. After we each wrote a response we took turns reading them out loud and arguing our points. It was a pretty good section and I think that I will really enjoy this class.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping at Wegman’s which truly holds a special place in the hearts of most Cornellians. Wegman’s is much more that a grocery store, it is literally a destination that brings joy into many people’s lives each visit they take. The reason Wegman’s is so acclaimed is that first of all it is open 24 hours a day which is key for those all-nighter study sessions. Second, Wegman’s has the market caf