Weekend in Boston/Scituate

So, as always, I had a great time going home and seeing all my friends from grade school and high school. This was the second weekend I have been back and probably the last time I will be able to this summer. On Friday I left work and picked up my Mom and my brothers who had taken the train from Brooklyn down to Poughkeepsie. We got in the car and drove all the way to Boston and made good enough time that I was able to get dropped off right in Brighton and meet up with some of my best friends: Bob, Matt, Jeff, and then later a different Matt, Derek, and Chris. The house that I met them at actually belongs to a group of 6 guys from BC High that went on to go to Boston College and happen to all live together. Although none of them came into the city that night with us they are close enough with us that they allow us to use the house to stay over at if we want to go out in the city. After I got there at around 10:30 we hung out for awhile at the house, watched some TV, played a few games, and then headed out to Cleveland Circle to a bar called Cityside. It was a pretty good time, we actually ran into a few other people we knew from high school and some girls that went to the Catholic girls school that was sort of our unofficial sister school. It also happened to be Matt’s birthday the night before so we celebrated that as well.

Saturday we woke up late, hung around for a little bit at the house and then made the drive back to Scituate. We stopped on the way at a place called Crow Point Pizzeria in Hingham that has far and away the best buffalo chicken calzone I have ever eaten. We dropped Bob off at his house on Hingham harbor and then I met up with my Mom to do some back to school shopping. After that I actually met up with my Dad, who has my brothers for the week (the purpose of my Mom making the trip to Boston) and we ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Joe’s American Bar and Grill in Hanover. I went back to Scituate and got dropped off at Jeff’s house which is where I usually stay when I am back home. We hung out for awhile with Jeff’s dad who proudly displayed his newly installed twin kegerator and Harpoon beers that he had on tap (http://www.harpoonbrewery.com/). After hanging out for a bit we met back up with Matt, Bob, Derek, and the other Matt along with a couple other kids from high school – Chris, John, Eric, and Dan. We all went out to TKO Malley’s a pretty popular local restaurant and bar (http://www.eattkomalleys.com). It was a beautiful night and we sat outside on the patio right on Scituate Harbor. We ran into quite a few Scituate people who went to Scituate High instead of BC High, but who we knew from middle and grade school. At one point, myself, Derek, and one of the Matts decided to leave TK’s and head over to a place called Pier 44 which used to be one of the nicer restaurants in town but had, to everyone’s surprise, been recently converted into a dance club. We had heard that a lot of people our age enjoyed the place (nicknamed “Club 44”) so we thought it would be a good idea to head over there for the end of the night. When we got there we realized that the huge group of 50’s aged adults who had been celebrating their high school reunion had invaded the club and taken over the dance floor. Suffice it to say it was not quite the scene we were looking for and we made an early exit. After getting back to Jeff’s house we turned on the hot tub, relaxed, told funny stories from high school, and then went to sleep. All in all, it was a great night and a perfect way to cap off my summer.

On Sunday I woke up, hung out for awhile with Jeff doing something that Jeff and his friends from college actually coined but all of us have adopted, “perching”. Perching is an activity only performed on Saturdays or Sundays and usually lasts from the late morning/early afternoon into sometimes the evening. To sufficiently be perched, one must be in a very comfortable location (lazy boys are great for this) and have full access to a television which is typically tuned into Sportscenter or cheesy old movies on TNT. So Jeff and I perched for quite awhile until my Mom finally showed up at his house and we drove back to Brooklyn. That evening we ate at a restaurant in my Mom’s neighborhood Park Slope, called Two Boots (http://www.twobootsbrooklyn.com/) which after only one meal already parallels Maxie’s Supper Club in Ithaca as my favorite Cajun cuisine.

That’s all for now, I probably will not update during this final week at work unless something monumental happens but I am sure I will have some good stories to tell after my “last hurrah of the summer” trip to Fort Lauderdale this coming weekend…