Weekend in Ithaca / Workweek #4

So, the tour of the winery on Friday was a pretty good time. Two of the three other interns came and we basically toured the winery, learned how the wine was made through each step of the process, and then sat down to a Tuscan lunch of antipasto and cold cuts on Italian bread. Of course the beverage of choice during the lunch was wine – mostly red wine, Syrah and blends of Syrah and Zinfandel. It was the first time I really enjoyed red wine and that was a good thing since there was plenty to go around. We had a few bottles to go with lunch and then got caught in a terrible rain storm so we didn’t want to drive home and the only answer for a way to kill the time was to uncork another bottle…

I got into Ithaca pretty late on Friday and met up with my buddies Nick and Jason. The primary reason I went back to Ithaca was to move my stuff from Psi U into my house on Cook Street.

To explain a little bit about that, here is a quick sidenote:

At Cornell, if you are in the Greek system, you typically live in your house at some point during your three years after the freshman dorms. Sororities take very large pledge classes – around 40 or so – and typically they will be required to live in their houses the year after they pledge (so mostly sophomores, but some juniors) and of course there are always exceptions to this rule. After that, as I understand it, if you are a high ranking officer in your house (President, Recruitment Chair, etc.) you are required to live in for a second year. Fraternities, on the other hand, are quite across the board on the living in issue. Some houses take very large pledge classes and end up with only enough room to let the sophomores or juniors live in. Psi U takes small pledge classes (mine was 15) and we pride ourselves in the fact that every brother, all three years, lives in the house. So, it is a big deal that I am moving out of the house for my senior year since all of the other guys in my pledge class will live in for their senior year. I didn’t do it due to any ill will towards the house, but rather I wanted to experience living in Collegetown before I graduated and had always wanted to live with my friends from freshman year. Collegetown is a place where a lot of students choose to live after their freshman year either in apartments or renting full houses like us. It is especially a place where a lot of seniors live since all of the bars are in Collegetown, etc. My street, Cook, looks like it will be a pretty good time next year and I am excited about my roommates we have an eclectic group of guys spanning a bunch of different fraternities and one guy who isn’t in a fraternity. I know I will miss not living in the house and will have regrets throughout the year but I also know I will enjoy a lot of aspects of living out of the house as well.

So, back to the weekend. I got into Ithaca and put all of my stuff at Psi U since my room was still set up from last semester and I knew it would be easier to just sleep there for the weekend. While I was walking around Psi U saying hello to the brothers that were living there for the summer, I ran into a guy who was a senior when I pledged and was back for the weekend with his friends. His name is “Juice” and suffice it to say, he is a pretty interesting guy. So I ended up hanging out with him and his friends for the majority of the night along with my friend who I am living with next year Jason. We hung out for a bit at a restaurant/bar in Collegetown called Rulloff’s which interesting enough was featured as Playboy bar of the month not too long ago,

“There’s nothing quite like grabbing a beer at a bar named after a convicted murderer. Welcome to Rulloff’s, which sits smack in the middle of “gorges” Ithaca, New York and has been serving hearty brews to thirsty Cornell students since 1977. No doubt Edward Rulloff, the legendary 1870s burglar and murderer from whom the bar copped its name (and whose own brain is on display at the university’s psych department) would drink to that.”

After Rulloff’s we hung out in a guy’s apartment who lives in Collegetown and ended up having a pretty good time, although I stayed up way too late which made me a little to lazy to get much moving done the next day.

Saturday, as I said, I didn’t get much moving done but rather slept quite a bit, hung out with my buddy Nick in our house on Cook St. and watched a riveting Mighty Ducks rip-off movie staring Martin Lawrence entitled Rebound. All in all it was a pretty lazy day and after grabbing some food at Chili’s I wasn’t really up for going out again and hit the sack early. I woke up early on Sunday and with the help of Nick moved almost all of my stuff from Psi U to Cook St. which was satisfying since that was the entire purpose of my trip to Ithaca.

The other big news is that we threw the client appreciation day at the Hudson Valley Renegades game last night. It went off pretty well, a lot of people who I had called and confirmed with that they were attending didn’t attend, but we still had a good turnout. The Renegades lost to the Staten Island Yankees (especially painful since it was a loss to a team with Yankees in their name) but everyone who attended seemed to have a good time. It was also satisfying to see the event flow smoothly since I had put so much effort and time into assuring it was run well.

That’s all for now, no other big news upcoming this week other than I am house/dogsitting for my Aunt and Uncle while they go away so that should be pretty interesting…