Workweek #3

So this is actually my third week of work. Not that anyone cares that much, but I’ll give you a little rundown of what I have been up to.

I have been organizing a baseball game for clients – it’s the Hudson Valley Renegades – I think they’re like class A ball and they are in the Devil Rays farm system. Apparently they are quite popular though, like the second largest draw after the Buffalo Bisons in the country. So I have been coordinating the 400 people that we are inviting – putting together goodie bags of free stuff that companies like Fidelity and Van Kampen send us and doing a bunch of other little things.

Also, the other big news today was that other than them ordering us all a pizza for lunch, I managed to convince my Uncle’s father (who also works for us) to take the other interns and myself to his winery which is about 10 miles from the office, on Friday for lunch. It should be a pretty good time he makes Italian wines with grapes he imports from Napa Valley. Hopefully we can turn the lunch into a full day excursion and miss coming back to work in time to do anything…

I’ll keep you posted.