Yearling Board Sale – This Saturday, 12:30 pm, Empire Livestock, Bath

Below you will see the lots and descriptions of yearling feeders that will be auctioned this Saturday, September 14, 12:30 pm, as well as a video of the cattle. There are 151 head in 11 lots for all buyers. We have two large loads of heifers 50,000 lb one at 27,000 lb. Additionally we have lots with smaller numbers. They were graded using USDA Feeder Calf Standards and sorted into similar weight groups. The weight spread in most lots is under 150 lb.

These producers are committed to providing yearlings that are vaccinated using modified live vaccines for IBR, BRSV, PI3, BVD, and clostridia, pasteurella, and wormed. These yearlings have never received growth promoting hormones, never fed antibiotics, and except where noted never treated with injectable antibiotics, qualifying them for some natural programs. Affidavits available on some lots tracking them to birth.

They will be sold by auction on Sept 14 in conjunction with an in-barn sale at Empire Livestock in Bath. You can bid in person at the Bath Auction Barn or by phone calling 1-888-394-8197, Pass code: 441517. To bid by phone, buyers must call Empire Livestock to register for the sale at 607-776-2000. The successful bidder will pick up the cattle by dates described under “Weigh Conditions”. For more information contact Mike Baker, Cornell Beef Extension (607) 227-6320,, Jonathan Lubic, Empire Bath (607) 250-2032,, Marty Layden (607) 426-6106.

Video of yearlings to be offered for this Saturday’s Empire Yearling Board Sale.

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Sale lots: Sale_lots_Sept-2019