USDA AMS unveils new market reporting service

USDA Market News publishes market information, like price and volume, for hundreds of agricultural commodities. USDA Market News information promotes market transparency and gives farmers and businesses the tools they need to make informed business decisions.

Its latest data platform, Market Analysis & Reporting Services (MARS), provides current and historical data through its public-facing website, My Market News.

My Market News improves the quality, customization, and accessibility of Market News data. It gives you faster and greater access to detailed data sets and reports in one easy to use tool. My Market News provides endless opportunities for data analysis.

You can still go directly to the New York Market reports, however note that the address has changed. Please be sure to update your bookmarks.

(Funds to support the NYS Market News program come from New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets project “Stocker cattle: Using underutilized grasslands to improve economic viability of the Southern Tier while providing viable careers for beginning farmers.”)

Key points about MARS:

  • Market Analysis and Reporting Service (MARS) is a new data collection tool developed to improve the quality, customization, and accessibility of Market News data. You can access MARS through its public facing website, My Market News.
  • My Market News gives you faster and greater access to market information, like price and volume data, in numerous formats.
    • You can access qualitative market data in a searchable database, and you still have access to our standard reports that so many in the industry rely upon, like the National Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary.
    • You can now pull data from several reports simultaneously, and easily download the customized data directly into Excel.
    • You can use the built-in Application Programming Interface (API) for gathering large data sets. After a one-time setup, the API delivers market information right to your inbox without the need to do anything else.
  • This new platform gives you more tools and endless opportunities for data analysis through customization and personalization of Market News data.
  • My Market News is your one-stop shop for cattle auction data.
  • Livestock Mandatory Reporting data will continue to be available through the existing portal, until we transition it over to My Market News in the next few years.
  • Below is a webinar link that gives a brief overview of the My Market News Site which is connected to the MARS database.

A brochure explaining the features of MARS can be found here.