Region 4 – Empire, Bath – Feeder Calf Sale – Oct 21

Just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that there is a pre- conditioning sale on Oct. 21, 2017 at Empire Livestock in Bath. If anyone thinks there might be a possibility that they have cattle to consign then please call Jonathon Lubic @ (585) 447-3842 BY OCTOBER 2, 2017. Jonathon is the Operations Manager at Empire in Bath and wants to get a few details on everyone’s cattle so that he can in return call his larger buyers to say they have a certain number of pre-conditioned head.

Some may ask, what is Pre-Conditioned? They are looking for cattle that are vaccinated (TWICE IS BEST!), weaned (this means not just pulled off mama before they are loaded on the trailer), dewomer (if possible), and castrated.

Some may ask, what if I can’t meet the guideline’s for pre-conditioning, can I not sell? No, you can still sell! VACCINATED and weaned cattle are the most important, dewormed ranks high up there too, but if they are not castrated they can still sell, Jonathon says he finds that non-castrated calves just don’t sell as well as castrated.

I know this sounds like a lot but we want to try and help beef producers get the most dollars out of their cattle.

I will be following up with a sheet that can be printed off to take to Empire where you can marks the vaccines used and dates given, dewormer used, when they were weaned, castrated, etc.

Please….if anyone has any questions feel free to call me any time 607-346-5492 or send back to this email.

Thanks, Jenn Hammond
Region 4 Director
NY Beef Producer’s Association