Last call for the CNY Fall Feeder Pool Sale

We have 120+ calves lined up (up from 82 in the spring, and 25 last fall) for our October 13, 2017 Tele–auction. We look forward to offering some nice sized lots to attract serious buyers! The last day to give initial vaccines is Thursday, September 14th. This date allows for timely administration of boosters 21 days before our November 4th delivery date.

Anyone desiring to have calves included can contact me this week. We’re tagging the calves with our CNY Beef Producer and NYS “21” tags prior to our grading and video work at the end of the month. Most consignors are getting that done when they give their first vaccines this week. Calves already adequately vaccinated or vaccinated by the 13th can be included. Weaning has to occur by no later than October 5th— 30 days prior to delivery.

Best wishes to all!
cell phone: 518-588-6032