Getting Started With Rotational Grazing-2 Day Clinic

Getting Started With Rotational Grazing-2 Day Clinic
•    Friday, September 23, 2016, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
•    Sunday, September 25, 2016, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Are you a livestock owner who wants to increase your profits and improve the health of your animals? Rotational grazing can help your farm!  More info in this printable brochure/registration form.  The instructors, local Extension Educators Mick Bessire and Jason Detzel, will provide you with practical skills to implement a rotational grazing plan on your property.  Using these techniques you can:
•    lower feed costs
•    improve your pastures
•    decrease farm labor
•    produce healthier animals.

Friday, Sept. 23 from 10-4 at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County, 232 Plaza Road, Kingston, NY: The first part will take place in the classroom and will review the components of rotational grazing and how to adapt these pieces to your particular property.
Sunday, Sept. 25 from 12-2 at Moveable Beast Farm in Accord (specific location will be sent after registering): The second part will consist of a farm visit in the area with a producer who is implementing rotational grazing with great success.

Rotational grazing is a management strategy used to maximize forage growth and encourage desirable plants in your pastures.  Livestock are strategically moved through a series of fresh pastures in order to provide a “grazing-rest period” for plants to regrow their leaves. After allowing for a period of significant regrowth, livestock are rotated back to the point of origin.

Because livestock are more concentrated in the pasture (while other pastures are resting) the normal activity of “consuming only the most desirable plants and leaving the rest to dominate” is curtailed.  This system does require more time to properly plan and manage your pastures but there are many advantages to this technique.  The increased and infrequent pressure on the pastures will:
•    produce a healthier forage for your animals
•    reduce erosion and increase water carrying capacity
•    increase the organic material in the soil
•    reduce costs by extending the grazing season.

Registration fee: $20/person, or $10/person for 2016 CCEUC Agriculture Program Enrolled members.  Sorry, no refunds – if you can’t attend please have someone come in your place.
•    Online
•    By mail using this printable brochure/registration form: Rotational_grazing_clinic_brochure_and_reg_form.

Any questions?  Contact Carrie at 845-340-3990 x311 or email

This clinic is a collaborative effort between Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene counties with support from the New World Foundation’s Local Economies Project.

Carrie Anne Doyle
Administrative Assistant – Agriculture Dept.
(845) 340-3990 x311

Jason Detzel
Livestock Resource Educator
Cornell Cooperative Ulster County
232 Plaza Road
Kingston, NY 12401