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Undergraduate Students

Jiamin Li

Year: Junior
Major: Human Biology Health and Society
Background: I am a premedical student from the Boston area; I’m also interested in public health and information sciences.
Current research: I am currently a lab technician, but I have previously worked with HIV and LAMP.

Kristen Yi

Year:  Senior
Major: Food Science
Background: Rachel is from the Chicagoland area and head the production of Crème de Cornell, the only food magazine publication on campus.
Current Research: Asides from being a research technician, I’m leading consulting research on DNA identification of potential yeast/mold and Listeria for external food companies.

Rachel Wang

Year: Junior
Major: Food Science
Background: I am a food science major and premed who loves traveling.
Current Research: I am working to grow and identify samples from cheese caves.

Arlety Mendez

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biological Sciences
Background: Born and raised in Cuba until her teenage years, I transferred to Cornell from Miami Dade Honors College to complete my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. I plan to go to dental school after graduation.
Current Research: I work with expression of biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) in E. coli strains transformed with the pet28a-egfp-CAB plasmid.