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Current Research

Protein Engineering & Expression of Recombinant Immunotherapeutics

Our research efforts in this area are conducted under the Cornell University/ Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) Partnership. Currently, we are exploring a number of parallel routes for the expression of therapeutic agents that have promise in the clinic. We are evaluating existing approaches, working to develop novel and improved techniques for protein expression, and constructing rational approaches to scale-up these systems.

In our laboratory, a major focus is on the development and optimization of microbial-based expression systems for tumor antigens and tumor-antigen-specific antibody fragments and their subsequent downstream purification. Through the use of our new cGMP-certified Biologics Production Facility, we will carry out the large-scale production of highly purified cancer immunotherapeutics suitable for testing in early-phase human clinical trials.


Individuals interested in undergraduate research, graduate school training, postdoctoral training, or technical positions are encouraged to contact Professor Batt:


Dr. Carl A. Batt
351 Stocking Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-7201
Phone: (607) 255-2896