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SAE Digital Library subscription now online

Beginning immediately, Society of Automotive Engineers Digital Library is now online. Integration with the catalog will proceed over the next few weeks, but the Digital Library can be searched directly via the link below:

ASTech Suggestions Has A New Address!

The URL for ASTech Suggestions Blog is changing. After Nov. 24, the new location will be

Please update your bookmarks, or if you subscribe to a feed, this will also need to be updated (

If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten at

Are there any reunion activities planned for the Engineering Library?

Yes, see below.
Engineering Film Festival: Saturday, 1:30 pm to 3:45 p.m., Engineering Library, Blue Room, Carpenter Hall. See one or all movies.

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm.
Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye: Engineering and Architecture

Bill Nye (’77) shows how inventions in materials, tools, and other
technologies have gradually allowed us to build bigger, taller,
stronger, and longer structures. From canals and dams to tunnels and
towers, this is the story of how we have reshaped our environment to
suit our needs. 2007 / 56 min.

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Engineering at the Cutting Edge: The Great Millennium Gamble
This program examines the innovative engineering behind the Millennium
Bridge and the Falkirk Wheel. It discusses the testing processes both
projects underwent, considers the successes of the Falkirk Wheel, and
looks at the issues associated with the closure of the Millennium
Bridge./ Discovery Enterprises./ 2007 / 24 min.
This program examines nanotechnology and its practical applications. It
shows a digital camera that can be swallowed to view a medical patient’s
intestines and considers the ways in which tiny computers used in
electronic devices will affect home and office life in the near future./
Discovery Enterprises./ 2006 / 30 min.

Questions? Email


Physical Sciences Library Entrances

How do I get to the Physical Sciences Library with all the construction at the front of the building?

~ 2/20/2008

When construction began on the Physical Sciences Building, many of our entrances had to be closed for safety reasons.  The illustration below shows the available entrances to Baker Lab, Rockefeller Hall and Clark Hall, which houses the library.  There is signage in all three buildings indicating the path to Clark Hall and the library.  If you would like more information on the building and construction information click on this link.  Click on image below for a larger view.


Schaum’s Outline of Statistics

I was wondering if you had the Schaum’s Outline of Statistics book (a book from the Schaums series) by Murray R Spiegel and Larry J. Stephens. If not, do you know which library would have it? Thanks so much.
– 2/20/08

If you do the following keyword search in the online catalog:
Search Request: Guided Keyword = (schaums)[in Keyword Anywhere] AND (statistics)[in Keyword Anywhere] AND (spiegel)[in Keyword Anywhere]
the search produces 8 results.

Please do this search and review the results.

Among the result are multiple editions that match what you are looking for.

The new 4th edition of 2008 has recently been ordered for Math Library. We can notify you when it arrives.

An electronic version of the 3rd edition is available: Shortcut link for this item

Some other paper editions are charged out but you can find these editions on the shelf.

A second edition in the Engineering Library: Shortcut link for this item

A closely related edition in Math Library: Shortcut link for this item

You might also want to look at this book by Spiegel’s coauthor Stevens that is available on the shelf in Math Library:

Author/Creator: Stephens, Larry J.

Title: Schaum’s outline of theory and problems of beginning statistics / Larry J. Stephens.

Published: New York : McGraw-Hill, c2006.

Description: 2nd ed.
xiii, 413 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

Location: Mathematics Library (Malott Hall)

Call Number: QA276.19 .S74 2006
Status: Not Charged (as of 2/20/08)

Shortcut link for this item

Of course you can recall or use Borrow Direct for any of the other editions that are charged out.

— Steve Rockey, Mathematics Library director

Math Library Computer Terminals

The Math library desperately needs more computer terminals. They are always all occupied, to the point where I don’t even bother trying to come to the Math Library anymore.
– 1/22/08

I am aware we need more computers and I am in the process of requesting more. However, funding is not immediately available and I cannot give a time frame for when we might deploy more computers. When we moved from White to Malott in 1999 we tripled the number of computers we had from 3 to 9. In the last few years we added three laptops for loan from the circulation desk. It is time to add more computers.

– Steve Rockey
Director of the Math Library

It’s Cold!

It’s cold!  Where can I get a cup of coffee to warm up?  Can I bring my own mug? 

Suffering student

Dear Suffering,
You don’t have to suffer, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino.  Stop by the Math Library located on the 4th floor of Malott Hall or the Physical Sciences library, located on the 2nd floor of Clark Hall.   For only $1, you can choose among a variety of blends: Columbian Supreme, Natural Decaf, a 50/50 blend, Cafe Mocha coffees, or Hot Chocolate.   The Math Library complements their offerings with the addition of French Vanilla Cappuccino or Cappuccino Mocha.  You can bring your own covered 10-oz or larger cup, or use one of our paper cups.  But remember, beverages consumed in the library must have lids.  Or if you want you could purchase one of our ASTech Libraries beautiful travel mugs as pictured here.  $6 takes it home!

– Jill Ulbricht, Administrative Manager for ASTech


We want your suggestions and comments

We wish to listen to your concerns about your experience at the ASTech Libraries and welcome your suggestions. Your comments and or suggestions will be posted within 2 days of receipt.

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