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New poster/exhibit in Engineering Library: E-Books in Science and Engineering

We’ve put up a new poster in the front display case of the Engineering Library on the various e-book libraries we have access to with particular interest to engineering, physical science and computer science disciplines. There’s also access to the PDF of the poster here.

Sticker Shock 2 Exhibit on Journal Prices

The Engineering Library at Cornell University announces a new exhibit online and in the library – Sticker Shock 2: An Update This is an update of our earlier exhibit Sticker Shock (2002) Sticker Shock 2 includes updated prices and cost per use information. Both exhibits highlight the rising cost of library journal subscriptions to support […]

Universe in Glass at the Physical Sciences Library

The Palomar Sky Survey “The most comprehensive map of the skies ever made opens new vistas into the unknown.”  — New York Times, Jul 31, 1955  The Physical Sciences Library recently acquired the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plates and prints, a complete photographic record of the night sky.  During the 1950’s, the National Geographic Society […]



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