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Clark Library Update, May 22, 2009

The Physical Sciences Library transition team has started planning discussions for the transition of the library. The library staff will be posting regular updates to the departments by email and on the library News site (  On the website you will also find a new section on ebooks and a direct link to the Annex […]

Physical Sciences Library Transition Team

A transition team of faculty, students and staff has been formed to address issues related to the consolidation of the Physical Sciences Library and future library support for physical sciences research and teaching.  Janet McCue, Associate University Librarian, will be leading this effort. The team will be holding its first meeting this afternoon, and the […]

Engineering Library Journal Cancellations Proposed List for 2010

Because of budget cuts and endowment pay out reductions, the Engineering Library will need to cancel about $140,000 of journal subscriptions to stay within our budget. See The top priority is to preserve as much as possible the research collection for faculty and graduate students. As a corollary, many industry and popular journals will […]

7 Ways to be a More Efficient Physicist- now avaialble online

If you missed the brown bag- the online version is now available: Please contact Kirsten (kh287) if you have any questions!



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