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Iteration 03


Critical thought: The critical thought is that interacting with a person on Facebook and shopping for an “outfit” by profile pictures tackles personalization with clothing and interaction with privacy and ownership.

Idea Description: The idea of social media intervention to “real” human contact has fascinated me continuously. Thus, I though the out “fit” from Facebook would be a personal fit, on the physical level but perhaps an intrusion on the visual technological scale of understanding.  Facebook has a large problem with privacy and space, and I think to personally contact the person in the photo adds a step to the realization that ANY person can see their photos. The purpose is to engage in a social scene with the social media outlets and personalize it with the individual. And if there is no response, or the response is negative then it becomes up to the viewer to manipulate the outfit from stalking, viewing how far they can go into social media to find a fit. The fit then is found and manufactured on a multiple scaled access through 3D paper printing; it becomes a copy of a Facebook out “fit”, where the fit is now you and not that individual. Clothing is binary in a way and I thought it would be great to examine that relationship between personal privacy and clothing as well as the access to multiple individuals all at once.


Sara Smith, jean and shirt copy, made from 3D printing with paper, modeled to whatever size (contact initiation first)


Elizabeth Kuzmenko, dress copy, made from 3D printing with paper, modeled to whatever individual wanted their size to be (contacted person first)



Basically the element of invading a person’s privacy becomes interesting to examine because clothing is set out for all, but the choice to pick a certain piece personalizes it as yours and initiating conversation with someone who has already picked out that outfit and manipulating to your own fights with boundaries of personal choice and decision making. The step process then proceeds to interact with more media of finding information on the internet with those that are anonymous or random essentially and create a connection through a virtual space, much like clothing, it’s just an object that doesn’t mean much until there is an ownership to it.




Technical Approach: To approach this project, I would contact random, or friends on Facebook and look at what they are wearing in their Facebook profile picture and ask where they got it, if they still have it, if they like it and a variety of other questions relating to the fit. The response would be interesting to see, and then if no response came, I would stalk them to see if there are more pictures of that piece of clothing. I would draw out a pattern of the clothes and then transform it into my own size and print it on thicker paper on the 3D printer.


It would be suggested to record the responses made to the interaction between the person’s response to recreating their outfit and then the process after a positive or negative response to it.



Title: Facebook Out ”fit”


Medium: paper, or fabric material


Online Research:












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