Jane exemplified everything that a professor should be. She was dedicated, personable, and genuine. She embodied the good of the art world, and she loved it for the right reasons. She had an immensely astute critical mind, yet remained incredibly accepting, encouraging, and openminded in a competitive field where these values can often be lacking. She was selfless with her time, accepting every opportunity to help fulfill projects and ideas she really believed in. She readily and excitedly shared her wealth of knowledge and experience to as many people as she could, far beyond her professional duties.

She truly loved to be a generative force of change in students’ and artists’ lives—not for recognition, not for thanks, but for the simple and beautiful reason that she wanted to live in a world enriched with art, and to cultivate the young and diverse minds who were to create that world.

The art world truly would not be what it is today without her contributions, nor would I. I feel truly blessed to have shared these past several months under her guidance and mentorship, and I hope we can honor her by perpetuating her positivity and humble generosity throughout our work and our lives.

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