We the lovers, like in mind,
Reason immaterial, find
Faults in honesty alone — yet
Purity in honesty grown; 

Seized in esoteric clutch, made
Light and docile to your touch —
In that fragile instant holds
Memories of a time grown old; 

Brutal now, unyielding still,
Fingers melt me to your will.
To transcendental ends commit
Such earthly pleasures, we submit. 

Intoxicated, inundated — such
Fears of drowning languor faded,
Leaving only petals — traces
Of beauty sprung from treacherous places — 

A beacon heralding a day
That selfless sacrifice conveys
A promise proper; this does show,
Illuminated in your glow. 

How soft we step in labor of
Assuming burden from our love.

— Mariko

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