Click here to watch my latest video piece, Crave.

Artist Statement:

Crave is an experimental piece that intends to transform the “mundane,” everyday activity of eating into an overwhelming sense of discomfort, repulsion, and sexuality. Using myself as the subject, it includes an element of performance that is enhanced by the use of theatrical and sculptural lighting in order to highlight the formalist nature of the figure engaging in the carnal pleasure of consumption.

Alternatively intended as a four channel projection and sound installation, Crave explores the technical aspects of sound and lighting in an attempt to create an immersive effect of being literally “swallowed” by the piece. It unapologetically heightens the abrasive, bodily sounds and visuals that are inevitable with food consumption. It was largely inspired by Abdellatif Kechiche’s 2013 Blue is the Warmest Color — a hyper-realistic film that follows an adolescent girl’s sexual awakening. In Kechiche’s film, there is a persistent motif of eating certain foods (such as mussels or spaghetti) as analogous to sexual gratification, both formally and through narrative.

Crave is ultimately an exploration in formal ways in which to expose the gritty nature of the most basal of human desires, harkening again to the structural psychoanalytical writings of Freud. In the level of theĀ id within the Freudian psychic apparatus — the construction of ourselves that is most preeminent in our infancy and gradually repressed by external expectancies — the human is described as an “animal,” seeking only instant gratification for his or her most basic survivalist needs, such as food and sex. While Freud’s work is controversial and largely dismissed, it speaks to the underlying issue of the unappealing reality of human instinct being sublimated by the conceptions of the external world. However common and innocuous the simple act of eating may be, however much we see eating in our day to day lives, Crave is a reminder of the animalistic tendencies of human nature that drive these mechanical actions.

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