There are certain times when you meet someone or read about someone’s work and philosophy and you have a moment when all you can think about is how strangely similar your minds are; this was, for me, one of those moments.

Upon researching contemporary project mapping artists, Filip Sterckx of Belgium struck me as an incredible pioneering force and brilliant mind behind the conceptual use of projection mapping techniques.

I feel that I can personally relate to Sterckx on both an aesthetic and conceptual level. Specifically, my aesthetic tends to favor dark, graphic images that draw on elements of rules of design, as does his (see, for example, his film Stroom). My conceptual grounding behind a lot of my work has to do with the individuals sense of body and the body’s existence in relation to the external as well as the interior world, which is a heavily recurring theme in his work as well (see Eenzame Uitvaart, the one-man cinema, or Vesalius Revisited).

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