Initial concept sketches for my final project, which will be entitled “Moving Portraits.”

The pragmatic idea behind this project is that it will be a small-scale projection installation, focusing on the idea of video mapping (or in this case, animation mapping) onto a textured surface — specifically, a face. I will be experimenting with different materials with which to cover the front facial surface of a life-sized mannequin head, exploring plastics, certain jersey fabrics, mesh, etc.

Conceptually, it will continue with the same aesthetic as the “contraSEE” animation project that I previously completed — it will be stop motion, and focus on the contrast of hard and soft edges and images, with a continued exploration on the effect of texture on these contrasts. It will also address the idea of the “portrait” as a narrative rather than as a stagnant record. I will also definitely want to include a segment including a Rorschach ink blot imposed onto the facial topography in order to address my underlying theme of recognition versus obscurity as well as to be referential to “non-art” images.

Still debating on whether or not to add a sound piece…

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