contraSEE animation

Click to watch the final edit of my stop motion animation, “contraSEE.” Special thanks to Jared Curtis, B.Arch ’16 for helping with the set and the photography.

The concept behind this animation is a simple exploration of stretching boundaries of recognition and ambiguity — two topics that I have always been fascinated with, especially in the contextual crossing of psychology and art. The physical and schematic mechanisms that we have developed to recognize faces versus objects are completely different, as I have learned in my studies in psychology, and blurring the lines between these two mechanisms when consuming artwork has always been one of the topics most intimate to my academic and artistic intentions.

This animation in particular focuses on the role of contrast in the mechanisms of seeing and recognizing images; it therefore incorporates the dichotomous relationships of black versus white (and all the visual as well as symbolic implications of these colors), hard versus soft edges, and obstructed face versus object recognition. The sound piece is meant to add a third dimension to the otherwise two-dimensional experience of the animation (and should be listened to using headphones). The overall piece is meant not to be narrative, but rather a formal study.

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