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Deer Season

whitetail_deer-huntingHUNTING SEASON     Deer season is in full swing at the Arnot Forest with hunters reporting harvests of 10 point and 8 point bucks, as well as numerous does.  Hunting is allowed by special permit in the Arnot, and serves an important role in managing healthy wildlife populations, as well as ensuring forest regeneration.  If you plan to visit during hunting season please wear high-visibility clothing.  For more information, visit the Arnot Forest Hunting Program website, or contact the Cornell Department of Natural Resources at


Fall Maple Syrup

img_5511FALL MAPLE SYRUP     Dormant maple trees pressurize and produce sap during periods of below freezing temperatures at night followed by above freezing temperatures during the day.  Maple specialists at the Arnot are currently taking advantage of favorable weather to produce fall maple syrup.  Over 1,000 trees were tapped in late November and the first batches of finished syrup have been drawn off at the sugarhouse.  With more ideal sugaring weather in the forecast,  high syrup production is expected over the next few weeks.  Maple products produced in the Arnot Sugarbush are available for purchase at The Cornell Store, Cornell Dairy Bar and Cornell Orchards.  For more information on maple syrup production, visit the Cornell Maple Program website or contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office.

Snow in the Forest

img_5430 SNOW IN THE FOREST     The Arnot received an early blast of winter this Thanksgiving with 18 inches of powdery snow on the hilltops.  Fall snow storms are not uncommon in this region and often cause damage as snow weighs down dead tree limbs and deciduous trees that have not yet shed their foliage.  This latest snow resulted in minor damage to the Arnot Sugarbush and several fallen trees on our primary forest road. When visiting the Arnot, please exercise caution on snow covered road and report potential hazards to our office at 607-589-6076.

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