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Armenian Language and Culture Classes

Come to learn how to read, write and talk in Armenian, dance traditional Armenian dances, sing our beautiful songs, and explore Armenian culture and history in general! Classes are super-interactive, and all ages are welcome!

Please contact Anna Srapionyan at if you want to attend these classes, or if you have any questions regarding them.

When: Sundays, 4pm-6pm

Where: 162 Goldwyn Smith Hall


Session 1: Let’s learn how to read and write in Armenian! 

Contact Person: Anna Srapionyan (

Session 2: Let’s learn the Grammar!

Contact Person: Susanna Babasyan (

Session 3: Let’s talk in Armenian! 

Contact Person: Gnel Gabrielyan (

Session 4: Let’s sing and dance!

Contact Person: Mané Mehrabyan (

Session 5: Guest Speaker!

Ani Matsakyan Murphy, October 18th, 2015:

The Geographic Position, The Great Mountains and The Rivers of Armenia

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