• Hiring requirements: funding availability, research interests, academic background and past experiences, and a positive attitude towards learning new things, being challenged, and working in a collaborative environment.

  • Undergraduates
    Undergraduates looking to work on Honors thesis in the areas of biological chemistry, environmental chemistry or environmental contamination, please contact Prof. Aristilde to set-up a meeting and please attach a copy of your transcript. Undergraduates in their sophomore or junior year are preferred.

    Applicants with interests in the environmental biochemistry or chemistry of organic molecules. Examples of our research interests are found on the research page. For admission policies and applications, please visit: http://bee.cornell.edu/cals/bee/degree-programs/graduate/degrees/index.cfm. For inquiries about opportunities and general questions, please contact Prof. Aristilde, provide a copy of your resume/CV, and describe in a few paragraphs your research interests, why you want to join our group, and your academic and research background.(We are NOW considering new Ph.D. students to start in 2019)).

    We welcome people who are bringing their own expertise from a different field into our research areas and/or are looking to learn new techniques to advance their previous training in environmental research. Expertise in at least one of the following is desirable: (1) X-ray diffraction ; (2) Surface Spectroscopic techniques; (3) mass spectrometry-based methods; (4) omics approaches;  (5) Solid-State or liquid-state NMR; (6) molecular simulations (Monte Carlo approach, molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics) of chemical interactions in aqueous geochemistry (metal-mineral or organo-mineral complexes) or biological chemistry (protein-ligand or protein-protein interactions). (We are NOW considering applications for postdoctoral researchers. Expertise in mass spectrometry-based methods is required; experience with microbiology and molecular biology is a plus).

    Visiting Scholars
    To be considered, you must have a research interest closely-related to our research themes, have your own funding, and plan to visit us for one year minimum. (Under special circumstances, we would consider a visiting period of 6 months). Inquiries should be sent to Prof. Aristilde at la31 at cornell.edu. In addition to your C.V., please clearly state your research background and objectives, what expertise you are bringing to our group, what do you hope to gain by spending time with us, and when you would like to start. (We are NOT currently considering applications for visiting scientists, except by special invitation from Dr. Aristilde).