Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars

Krista Barzen-Hanson, Postdoctoral Researcher, February 2017-December 2017. Next position: Assistant Professor, Elmira College, Elmira, NY
Cloelle Danforth, Visiting Scholar, December 2016-May 2017. Current Position: Fellow at Environmental Defense Fund
Hua Wei, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, September 2012-December 2014. Next position: Research Chemist at 3M, St Paul, Minnesota
Baoquan Xie, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, September 2012-August 2013. Next position: postdoc at KAUST-CU Center for Energy and Sustainability, Cornell University

Graduate Student Researchers

Sean Murphy, PhD. Student, Microbiology Rotation Student, August-November 2017.
Caroll Mendonca, M.Eng. in Biological and Environmental Engineering, August 2017. Next position: Research Technician, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Tracy Youngster, M.S. in Soil and Crop Sciences, August 2017. Next position: Ph.D. student in Soil Ecology at Rutgers University
Julie Wushensky, M.Eng. in Biological and Environmental Engineering, May 2017. Next position: Research Associate at Beyond Meat.
Matthew Kukurugya, M.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering, January 2017. Next position: Bioanalytical Research Associate at Calico Labs.
Fanny Okaikue-Woodi, M.Eng. in Biological and Environmental Engineering, August 2016.
David Flannelly, M.S. in Environmental Toxicology, May 2015. Next position: Teaching Certificate Program at Ithaca College.
Johnny Huynh, M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering, Spring 2015. Next position: Chemist at Aerojet Rocketdyne.
Ed Park, Research Trainee/Student Spring 2014-Winter 2015
Samantha Sasnow, M.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering, Summer 2014. Next position: Engineer at CRA (Conestoga-Rovers & Associates)
Amy Pochodylo M.S. in Environmental Toxicology, Spring 2014. Current position: Teaching license candidate in Integrative Science at Otterbein University

Research Technicians

Paloma Spina, Research technician: February-May 2017. Undergraduate Researcher: August 2014-December 2016. Next position: Engineering Intern at Anchor QEA Engineering Firm
Michael Reed, Research technician: January-May 2017. Undergraduate Researcher: January 2015-December 2016. Next position: Graduate student in Biotechnology at Northwestern University
Fanny Okaikue-Woodi, Research technician: August 2016-April 2017. Undergraduate Researcher: January 2014-December 2014.
Sabrina Kelch, Research technician: Summer 2016. Next position: joined the group as a graduate student in Soil and Crop Sciences, Cornell University
Stephen Galdi, Research technician: Summer 2016. Undergraduate Researcher: January 2014-June 2016. Next position: Ph.D. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Thalia Aoki, Research technician: August 2013-May 2015. Undergraduate Researcher: January 2014-June 2016.

Undergraduate Researchers

Zoe Maisel, June 2016-May 2017
Valerie Katz, January 2016-May 2017
Michael Reed, January 2015-December 2016
Paloma Spina, August 2014-December 2016
Juan Guzman, May 2015-May 2016
Stephen Galdi, January 2014-June 2016
Clayton Sasaki, January-May 2016
Thalia Aoki, August 2013-May 2015
Sho Yoshitake, August 2013-May 2015
Fanny Okaikue, January-December 2014
Kate Duffy, January-December 2014
Meryl Kruskopf, May-August 2014
Theresa Chu, January-August 2014
Michelle Bowen, January-May 2014
Ed Sharood, January-May 2014
Suzy Struckman, January-May 2014
Rachel Whiteheart, January 2013-December 2013
Micaella Zubkov, January-May 2014
Carolyn Strock, June-August 2013
Michelle Walther, June-December 2013